Saturday, November 12, 2011

"King Gampo is rap at it's worst"

I came across another King Gampo review, this one in the Twin Cities Daily Planet by Dwight Hobbes.  It's a doozy:
Prof’s King Gampo (Stophouse) is asinine, narcissistic self-indulgence run completely riot, without a shred of redeeming artistry.
First, no press is bad press.  Anything written about it puts more attention on it, and that's what makes money.  If no one notices you even to tell you you're doing it all wrong, that's the worst thing that could happen.
Second, taking a step back from the specifics of what Hobbes said, his overall critique seems to be, "Kids these days and their music!"  Not much of a critique at all.
And third, all 5 comments on the article are from Prof fans.  The fifth one is probably the best, in it's entirety (about the 1st Ave show Sept 9th):
And that's the biggest thing that matters.  If you make something that people like, you won't really care that the prestige-class thinks you're a philistine.  I only wish he was more right when he complained about "Prof garnering praise all over the place, including high-profile radio and print."  He certainly has profile locally, but outside of Minnesota he's almost completely unknown.

[raise glass]
Here's to changing that.

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fiftyfourd said...

Agreed! He has many fans in Boise, Idaho though :-)