Monday, November 28, 2011


UPDATE September 25 2012:



I was a little worried that Prof would be doing King Gampo songs for a year before thinking about making anything new, but it looks like I was wrong.  On Twitter Prof just posted:


Hells yeah.

Update Dec 15:
Last night Prof live-streamed and may have previewed some of KVP3.  I'm on the east coast and he didn't announce he would live stream till after midnight central time so I missed it.  I'm disappointed, but pleased that there is enough done for him to consider a small preview.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

"King Gampo is rap at it's worst"

I came across another King Gampo review, this one in the Twin Cities Daily Planet by Dwight Hobbes.  It's a doozy:
Prof’s King Gampo (Stophouse) is asinine, narcissistic self-indulgence run completely riot, without a shred of redeeming artistry.
First, no press is bad press.  Anything written about it puts more attention on it, and that's what makes money.  If no one notices you even to tell you you're doing it all wrong, that's the worst thing that could happen.
Second, taking a step back from the specifics of what Hobbes said, his overall critique seems to be, "Kids these days and their music!"  Not much of a critique at all.
And third, all 5 comments on the article are from Prof fans.  The fifth one is probably the best, in it's entirety (about the 1st Ave show Sept 9th):
And that's the biggest thing that matters.  If you make something that people like, you won't really care that the prestige-class thinks you're a philistine.  I only wish he was more right when he complained about "Prof garnering praise all over the place, including high-profile radio and print."  He certainly has profile locally, but outside of Minnesota he's almost completely unknown.

[raise glass]
Here's to changing that.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Need Your Love (lyrics)

Produced by 84 Caprice
Full song
Clean version
Music video

She's bangin' like a raunchy chick.   <-----  I'm not sure I got that line right.

Walk through the door, tear your shirt off.
Bite your bottom lip, surf's up.
Slide your hand down my chest,
Push me on the couch hard but let me kiss your neck.
Wrap your legs around my waist,
Grab a, bottle of Jameson and put it in my face.
Along with the nipple chaser,
I dig my face right in it like an ostrich.
You so soft, I so hard.
You do deep, I go so far.
You so sweet, I so sour.
I rocketman, I find your star.
Coordinates, five percent to the left.
Speed slow mo, so hold my steps.
I hold firm and send you over.
Your legs quake, you bite my shoulder.

Oh girl, I need your love.
Please stay with me tonight.
I need your love.
Hurry up and get me,
Hurry up and get me,
Hurry up.

Come on girl, can't you see my good foot?
I don't wanna fuck you just because you look good.
I think you're real smart, I see you got some brain.
I don't fuck with them chickens, them chickens all the same.
You want a back rub, in the bath tub?
Want the candles lit, want that ass scrubbed?
Take a look around girl, everything is paid for.
Scoot to the bed, I'll show you what that thing is made for.
I got a queen sized bed, got a king sized appetite,
Plus I got a king sized [ha, ha].
I got a pretty big bedroom, with some good headroom, and you got to really ride [ha].

Oh girl, I need your love.
Please stay with me tonight.
I need your love.
Hurry up and get me,
Hurry up and get me,
Hurry up.

Bet your bottom dollar that I'll come and make you feel good.
I can fill you up to the guts like a meal should.
And you be lookin' hungry, we could use a rubber, I could use you like a bungee.
Looking like some animals, rollin' round the sheets I eat like a cannibal.
Hold up girl, it's the main course.
Giving you everything that you've ever came for.
I don't think that you're aware how much I really need you tonight.
You were meant to be with me.
I know you'll forget all of the shit you've been through, baby let's ride.
Skeddit up, skedda room, skedda bed.
When the night time comes, turn to love.
When the night time comes, it's me and you and sex.

Oh girl,
I need your love.
Please stay with me tonight.
I need your love.
Hurry up and get me,
Hurry up and get me,
Hurry up.

Uh, cookie?


At the end is a short song called Gypsy Airplane.

I Need Your Love music video

First the video:

Some observations:

Prof has some killer chest hair.
84 Caprice looks like he's about to get some.
Fundo shaved?

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

King Gampo Reviews

I was checking my RSS feed, and came across a post on how Google messed up their feed reader.  In the comments someone recommended NetVibes, which I checked out by searching for King Gampo.  Here's a few things it spit out:

On top of releasing an original hip hop album, I've heard, almost too many times, that Prof's live show is not one to miss. Heralded by numerous top artists, die hard fans, and casual fans that accidentally catch his opening act,  Prof is said to have one of the most fun and electrifying shows in hip hop today. 
Things I Like
When I arrived, I could hear Prof on stage, but decided to take my time checking out the room where the merch tables were set up, and therefore basically missed his whole set.  No big deal, I figured.  At the end of the night (and it was a great night), Prof was outside handing out free copies of King Gampo.  When I listened to it, I realized I'd made a mistake in not seeing this cat live. 
I give you Prof, the rapper that I consider the best that the underground hip hop scene has to offer. He is fresh off the release of his new album King Gampo as well as a tour with Atmosphere, BluePrint, and Dilated People’s Evidence. He is another prodigy out of the Minneapolis area.

Update - A few more reviews:

City Pages - Gimme Noise
The Stophouse rapper's elastic voice covers a lot of ground, gliding from goofy to aggressive to thoughtful and everywhere in between over the course of a full 16 tracks, but he maintains a light-hearted irreverence with every line that manages to make this one of the most fun albums to come out of the often heavy Minneapolis scene. 
As well as their Need Your Love and Gampo video posts.

What I'm Listening To
Yesterday I started listening to the new Soulja Boy album and my head started to hurt.  There was just something about it that seemed very discombobulated.  I had to put on something else on.  Today I put on an album and found the opposite effect.  When you put an album on and it makes your head hurt that tells you something, likewise when you put an album on and that same head starts bobbing you know.  We listen to music for different reasons, but I love that feel good, lift a persons spirits music.  When you can lose yourself in music and just have a good time, that’s success.  Today’s album, as the title states, is Prof’s King Gampo. 
 KZSC Santa Cruz 88.1FM (Put King Gampo at #3 on the top 5 albums of 2011 list)
Sloppy and strange at first, this MC will sneak up on your musical taste buds. He’s energetic, quirky and doesn’t take himself too seriously. 
Free Music Is Awesome 
This guy's not as big of a name as he should be. Sass, smack, and serious skill is what this guy brings to the table....Solid all around album, touching on more serious stuff, to light-hearted, funny junk.  
Examiner - An interview with Prof w/ commentary on King Gampo
Prof:  I’m already kind of self-sustaining as a business.  I could be a little bit better off and pay my bills a little bit better if I just charged $10 for a copy of this latest release.  I could have more money right now, but I’d rather effect a lot of people.  We’ve given out, during this Atmosphere tour and with downloads - it’s been two weeks since it came out - almost 40,000 copies.  Those are huge numbers.  And these are people who are willing to take it.  We’re not just throwing them off skyscrapers.  The plan is to go and make the money touring, the honest, blue-collar way.