Saturday, March 03, 2012

Poor Me (lyrics)

Full song
Clean version (same as original)
Produced by 84 Caprice

I thought that I would have whatever I want,
Oooh oooh.
Until I turned 16 and I don't' have a Galant.
Vroom vroom.
Meeee, poor me.
My mom and dad are probably gon' have to die tonight.
Meeee, poor me.

I'm so helpless, without my allowance I think I'm useless.
Give me my money, mama.
How are you gonna let your son struggle in the mall all weekend?
Is that what you want me to do, take myself right off the deep end?

Meeee, poor me.
Somebody help me please, help me please.

I'm dying in inside, I don't want to lose my mind.
I'm thinkin' that maybe I'll just sit back down and cry.
I'm dying inside, I don't want to lose my mind.
I'm thinking that maybe I'll just lay back down and die.

Meeee, poor me.

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Nina said...

Such a great song!