Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Prof on Sway in the Morning at Soundset


They call me the bar breaker
You should kick me out the club
I'm a big bad wolf, I'm a Jameson thug
I'm wave 'Hi' while I'm cave diving day high
Coated in K Y we'll orgy on the hay ride
I hustle like you need the opiate custodian
Quick grab the trophies you can leave behind the opium
Executive American all the way from a derelict
Drinking at the Sheridan
Daring chicks into marriages
Oh yeah, marry me baby
Half hour later you can carry me baby
I'm skinny dipping
Swimming with young Dominican women
Last time I wasn't pimping it's been a minute
No need to pay me too
I'm drinking in the these daisy dukes
80 proof, get retarded like a baby do
I'm soaking in rap you it's not even fair
You know my shit bangs I ain't talking 'bout hair

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