Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Figured Out

Here's another.  
Prof has does a certain type of song that really sticks out to me, Let Me In, Motor, Mother, Baby Jacob.  He moves away from the partying and revelry toward something calm, sincere, perhaps with some urgency in it.  And it comes out a little again in Figured Out.

It takes a little bit to figure you out,
You're broken, you're flat, you're weak.

He completely slams anyone who is false, pretentious, haughty, etc.

You treat other girls like a piece of shit, you piece of shit!
So obsessed at the top of the clique.

Most of the song he's singing like in A Month From Now, but in Figured Out there are a few lines that he raps.  

It's a high quality piece of work.  Get it here.  Get the whole EP here.

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