Friday, March 12, 2010

Marilyn (lyrics)

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She can't help it.

She got a fever.
Yeah, she got a fever.
Yeah, she got a fever.
Oh, she's thirsty.
Oh, there she goes again.
Oh, there she goes again.
There she does again.
Ah-oh, there she goes again.
Wo-ah-oh-oh-oh, Oh-oh,
Lord help us. (Man, what would you do?)
Wo-ah-oh-oh-oh, Oh-oh,
Lord help us.

She has my back like some chiropractor,
we're planning up our parenthood,
Wrapping up the sex, latex, magnum packages.
Man I love you, girl; this here could last forever.
I'll meet your parents, girl; I think you're fascinating.
You could my wake up reason,
In the morning, in the sheets,
And in the evening, eating pizza.
I don't think I'm leaving this one.
The first time when I was in the room when she pissed,
She was drunk and sat down, so I gave her a kiss.
Little sweet miss, made of spice and peaches
Keys, kids, copied, I'm probably on some leashes
"The girl's mine," Until the curtains blow open,
It's her nighttime, and it's poetry in motion.

She got a fever

She got an appetite for candle light and mattresses,
She can't be pacified, you can't deny she's passionate.
Well I guess so, I'ma have to let go;
Until she calls me then it's back again, presto.
Wax on wax off, red light green light, we can't stop.
Oh, gosh, oh brother.
She got something wrapped around her pinky for a lover.
We usually knock boots at the most of my shows,
But na-na-na, I don't know where the fuck this chick goes.
Yes she is a pro, but I'ma go with the flow.
Who can say they got their own, Marilyn Monroe.

She got a fever

It's me, and her, and a bottle of rum.
Yo, ho ho ho, let's get drunk.
Let's get together and bump uglies in the sheets.
Like, bump, buh-duh, bump, bump, bump, bump.
Round 1, throw tongue.
Round 2, take your shirt off, spin around the air just like a helicopter.
Round 3, you can take off your bottoms, trust me sweetheart I'm right behind you, no problem.
Round 4 is summin' beautiful man, me and Marilyn rollin' around like we in sand.
It's like I lost my left side, 'cause now I feel all right.
She could be somewhere else tomorrow but she's mine tonight.

She got a fever

Boop, boop, bee, doo.

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