Friday, August 19, 2011

What is a Gampo?

definition: someone who does weird crazy shit.

Prof recently explained on Facebook Twitter that he and some friends knew a guy awhile back who was a little off and did all sorts of crazy stuff, and the name originated there. I have limited internet access for the time being but I'll look it up this weekend and update this post.


I found the backstory Prof gave for Gampo, in three parts-

gampo was a brief childhood friend of mine. along with the homie dariush akbari. (still close with him) but gampo was one of the gnarliest mother fuckers out. he was hella retarded. stealing shit. eating shit. influenced by peer pressure, he would do the craziest shit. when he left, we started calling each other gampo. if we'd do something buck, or get BIG, we'd be getting GAMPO

From these three tweets: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Update #2:

Gampo is a Tibetan name, and Prof's friend was from that region (north India, Nepal, southwest China).


Double-A Ron said...

I know this is the only post, but I can't be the only Gampo reading this shit.

Anonymous said...

Nice...thanks for the update and way to know your artists.

Anonymous said...

Ha fuckin gampo