Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Kid feat. Yelawolf (lyrics)

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They have the biggest testicles relative to body size of any male on the planet.

Bitch I got monay!
And I'm so good lookin'.
You could learn something from me!
Your old, I'm new.

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice.
Poof, Prof'll rock the party till your teeth are loose.
I'm gorgeous, roll with Chuck Norris's.
Fourty-five houses, thirty-three mortgages.
My boats got boats with jet skis.
Three fuckin' chefs, 'n a Wayne Gretzky.
Sunrise, I'm fuckin' in the gondola,
Friends: Pheobe, Rachel, Monica.
Bravo, finally made it to a dick head.
Shot eighty-nine times, and I ain't even rich yet.
Holy shit, nice.
Bet my pandora station plays Vanilla Ice.
Yippee ki yay, your boy is a Kaiser.
Everywhere I go I'm shittin' on 'em, diapers.
I gotcha rethinking about who the best is.
I'm outta my mind, please leave a message.

Bitch I got monay!
And I'm so good lookin'.
You could learn something from me!
Your old, I'm new.

Undeniably the baddest.
I ain't worried long as I know where you dad is.
Uah, Where your cousin at baby?
Roll around the family reunion all crazy.
Meanwhile I got me fishing for a musket.
Baby, busty, gotta big booty.
My sidekick is a moose knuckle.
If I had a weakness, it'd be I'm too humble.
Be bumble, easily see hundos.
Cheese the weeze, the cheese could buy three condos.
Fuck it, I'm the new Kirby Puckett.
Got the state of my back the topic of discussion.
Dick, game, Waka Flocka flame.
When I'm done with them girls they take the walk of fame.
Every single verse hot, your boy don't miss.
Bitch don't front, this whole song is the shit.

Bitch I got monay!
And I'm so good lookin'.
You could learn something from mey!
Your old, I'm new.

(I can't understand some of Yela's lines, so drop a comment if you know what he really says.)

Catfish Billy, I'm coo coo for Coco.
Eat a crackers then I spit back a hobo the rollo.
Eat rappers like wrappers wrapped around packs of no dough.
Yeah the plastic too, twelves and forty-fives playin' slow-mo.
Takin' acid watchin' your mama bounce around my show
With all the friends that she met makin' porno.
Fuck with me I'm put your 2-year-old in a sleeper choke hold,
Record you cryin' and let the engineer leak the vocal.
Don't try to play me out, you can't play with my yo-yo.
I walk the dog, Waka Flocka sheep in SoHo.
I shoulda said I heard, but I heard a sheep is so old.
Dictionary schmictionary, what the fuck do you know?
Go ahead and group those.
Sudo can find the loop holes.
I pop off the cake when you break it just to say, "Yeah I know."
Ruin your day like a Polish prayin' upon your new clothes.
And a butter fresh motherfucker just called me butter fluke-oh.
So tighten your belt, and thin up on your suko,
'Cause I'm makin' the numbers now, three three's in a row.
Hennessey of trees, I'ma leave, but I'm relieved it just won't go.
Getting blow jobs from an F5 in a tornado.
Yeah, blow me down booties, no homo.
I pop eyes like chicken thighs, no gumbo.
So order me up a bucket, fuck it, with an extra biscuit in it,
Then we gonna give it to a heart attack clinic.

Catch me in the chevy bumpin' Yelawolf and Prof e'en though on rocket.

You're old I'm new.


Anonymous said...

Catfish Billy not Bennet

MattW said...

Changed. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

"Record you crying then let the engineer leak the vocal"

and M5 is probably "F5", relating to tornados.

MattW said...

Yeah, that makes more sense. Changed.

Anonymous said...

Prof and yelawolf fucking kill it.

Christopher Franko said...

Yelawolf is a freakin boss. His lyrics are well written.

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