Thursday, June 09, 2011

Horses In The Ghetto (lyrics)

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They came on a horseback, to the ghetto.

Hello little boy, take this canteen.
Double barreled shotgun, ever cocked one, shot one,
Tried to stay alive till the cops come?
Young P'll take the city by force,
Got an impeccable aim while I'm riding on the horse.
My gear,
The whole shit's coated with explosives, the post is set to blow off your noses.
36 dynamite sticks ‘round me like it's kinda like ribs, I'ma light this bitch.
I am your city's new Don,
Whether or not you got the shoes on or your roof's gone let's move on.
I bet your sick of all that lame shit,
That's why I came to murder everybody that they came with.
Pewong, shewong, bang bang.

They came on a horseback to the ghetto.

Let's do it.
I'm a musical genius, My turn now, everybody is feindish.
And you can tell I'm dope, look at the fiends,
And the way I make ‘em act like heathens be screamin’.
Fly misses all over the penis,
one zero's on that american dream shit.
My game’s seamless, and I’m seasoned,
I got it sewed up like a seamstress believe it.
West to east coast, at the crib,
Shorty gave me Barry white head, you know,
Deep throat,
And you know the flow, coated in a cheap coat,
Damn Minnesota when I'm walkin' through three feet of snow.
I came through on a horse in a duster,
Sawed off shotgun, lookin’ for you busters.

They came on a horseback, to the ghetto.

My style thus far is up charged, up like a bus card,
Why you think I cuss hard?
Young P is at sea, an athlete,
MC test me, you wind up in the tenth seat.
back row of the Astro Cats, is Del Castro cast rated capped from the whack flow.
Asshole, bitches,
I'm riding on your horse, through your town for the Christmas.
OK, I’m OJ, Don Quixote,
Jose, prop shot, lifting many Rolaids,
I'm from a different land where I am the man,
Hand over all your telegrams and put them in the sand.
'Cause young Prof is a first born kid, right?

They came on a horseback, to the ghetto

Howdy, my magnums call loudly,
Pull this bitch out and watch out be Audi.
5000 and then I upgrade.
Party time, oops i just spilled some nutmeg,
on your girls blouse, i'm in your girls house.
Chris Brown beat it till ya sweat her damn curl out. (Ella)
And then I swirl out, I got shit to do.
Like Ben Affleck I’m not that into you.
I’m a rolling stone, with a mobile phone,
I ride horses, and you’ll never find my fortress,
Take me out where the course is.

They came on a horseback, to the ghetto.

Yeah, bitches,
I think i like this town slim.
They even got the dapper dan I like.
They got till high noon to get the fuck outta town, or it's goin' down.
See this musket?   It's for your bitch.

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