Thursday, June 09, 2011

Hostage (lyrics)

Full song
Bitch, I'm completely fuckin' retarded.
Swervin' through the lanes at a game like I'm carsick.
Rose up, myself, with no misstep,
He tell me I'm and best and I ain't even rich yet.
Yeah, ain't nobody like me,
Fruity MCs filled with Hi C,
Down syndrome up in my IV,
Bucking like a muh-fuckuh, getting cryphy.
Pound for pound, I'll match with anybody.
On the track, it's a fact, bitch, tell me something.
I flowedja backwards, ass first, you botox douchbag rappers.
When they see that cold god row by they like Oh my!
Prof, when the album drop?
Tell 'em to hold tight.
And don'tcha know I got the studio jumpin?
The CD's a miracle, Gampo Two's comin'.

Ya got that, [Hey!]
Ya got that, [Hey!]
Ya got that, [Hey!]
Ya got that, [Hey!]
Ya got that, [Hey!]
Ya got that, [Hey!]

Konechy-wa, snitch.
Prof's about to break your jaw, bitch.
And there ain't anybody here saw shit.
And don't make me up and leave with the hostage.
I'm extra diesel, best believe I likes you people.
Ya'll felt up, I'm untouchable like a nest of eagles.
You're Rin-Tin-Tin.
Young Prof is a gampo king pin, let it sink in.
I'm an almighty artifact, intact, in fact put your skin back from the impact.
Get it straight bitch, I'm tougher than nails.
Can't fail, made from sperm, out da cup in the grails.
Holy as shit, holy shit, I'm as cold as it gets.
Open you up, like a muzzle with clips.
I'm Indiana Jones coated with chrome.
Ball sack, come on we’ll be back for dinner at home.

Ya got that, [Hey!]
Ya got that, [Hey!]
Ya got that, [Hey!]
Ya got that, [Hey!]
Ya got that, [Hey!]
Ya got that, [Hey!]

Yeah, I'm hard fluoride, 
Four eyes couldn't even see her short sides.
Her short guys on the seats courtside.
While I'm in the game plan.
I'll let this stretch so beat the fuck up,
You would have thought it was a gang bang.
That's what it is, bitch.
Prof puts together just like a fist is.
Trick rip, me clean morphine,
Your whole crew is donuts, I am tired of the whole scene.
And you've been hit by a smooth criminal.
Prof is in the kitchen eating vitamins and minerals.
Prof is in the mall, hitting on women in intervals.
Prof is getting into fights like he is invincible.
Kaiser Von Powderhorn, I’ma General.

Yeah, Ya got that, [Hey!]
Ya got that, [Hey!]
Ya got that, [Hey!]
Ya got that, [Hey!]

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