Thursday, June 09, 2011

Terminator (lyrics)


You know what the fuck this is.

Eh, just be easy man, I think I forgot how good I was.
Push and shove, when it comes down to that, bitch I'll fuck you up.
Uppercut. Take you to back of the shed and then I'll cut you up,
Into little pieces like Reeses, man that should hush you up.
Just when they get to thinking that I am a party boy
I'll let my hands fly, summin' like an army boy.
I bring the circus, call me Prof the carny boy.
Arm me boy, calling all y'all to try and find me boy!
Bitch, you can't fuck with this!
Ever seen nuts like this?
Ever seen 20 below make a rapper's skin as tough as this?
I've had enough of this.
I'm seize a snuffle-ufagous.
And when those rappers meet me, they lookin' like they kind of scared,
Kind of like I'll pick them up and throw them down a flight of stairs.
Rappin' just like a mad man, damn man.
Eh, that's all I know.
Buckin' out, handin' out eye protection before my shows.

And me and Rahz nothing but a pair of assholes.
I'm the flyest of all time, Pterodactyl.
You're a trashy lawn tire.
I'm literally on fire.
Bon fire. You're in the seats.
I am the umpire.
Hot sex, gun fights, Uzis, Jacuzzis.
Jumpin' outta helicopters.
Keepin bear in cuzies.
Seven thousand volts,
Keep your finger on my pulse,
I'll be swimmin' in them throats.
Bitch, believe I'm on a boat.
Swimmin’ through your city limits in minutes I'm eating spinach.
Cock eyed, pop eye, soft guy, I think he's finished.
I'm sick, best believe it's untreatable.
Even though your ride with me, I'll throw you out the vehicle.
You're livin’ for your tax cut, I'm livin’ like a mack truck
Swerving through the lanes,
Face down, trick ass up.
There is only one Prof,
Accept no impersonators.
I'll show up and serve them later,

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